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Eating Korean
Love the noodles and spices
Pass on the Kimchi

Internet Surfing
Too many sites to behold
I should just read books

Zombies in London
Horror or funny movie
That's Shaun of the Dead

The Karate Kid
Was taught the ways of defence
How to paint the fence

Crime needs to be solved
Need a cop smarter than crook
Call in Columbo

Sung After The Rain
But did they know I would give
Nelson bunny ears

Haikus not easy
Must think of topic and then
Fit the syllable

Alien on Earth
Lea Thompson was cute but
why Howard the Duck?

Vanilla Ice acts
Drop zero get with hero
Must watch Cool As Ice

Travolta films stink
Face Off and Battlefield Earth
Look Who's Talking Too

Nerds all in a line
They left their parents basement
To see last Star Wars

John and John sing songs
Rock and Roll for all the geeks
They Might Be Giants

His music was bad
But in the ring was the king


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