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Friends and Family Links

These are in no order of importance of friendships. It is random. You can believe that if you want.

Crewserve - My former slave driving boss has started a sailing ministry. Check it out.

CORB - What can I say about this guy, other than I saved him and his band members' lives while touring with them once. Oh, and he once had more stuff stored in more peoples houses than anyone I know. Oh, and....he is worth getting to know.

You like Lemons? - This guy apparently does. One of alumni from my school.

Meet My Former Neighbors - A fun loving family from California who let me use their microwave from time to time.

Greg Reimer - He played a song about a frog on the road, and we became friends.

Ted Kluck - Once a camper of mine who made me laugh, now a writer, director, and movie star. Be sure to check out his movie Behind the Praise Band - Manna From Heaven.

Brian Cole - A college friend of mine, who has got to have one of the most interesting job histories I know.

Mid-Illinois Jeep Club - Some friends run the site, and my little bro does some of the graphics. His jeep is somewhere in the photos.

Andrew - I've worked with this guy on two continents. It just keeps getting better.

Officer Bah - One of the craziest guys I've had the pleasure to work with. Just keep the matches or the leiderhosen away from him.


I've got more friends and family. They just don't have websites yet. If you've got one just write me, and I'll give you a spot on the list.


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