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Scary Links

As a fun service to you, I am going to list some of the sites out there that are a little scary or odd. From the way outdated, the scary, the complete ego trip, or some other unknown reason, I have chosen these. If you have any suggestions let me know.

If you thought their music was bad - beware of their website.

Usama Yo' Mama - A song about a guy many wish we never heard of, by a singer many wish they never heard of.

A huge Tiffany fan - There is a fine line between running a fan website, and needing to be committed.

Web Design? - Bad sites have never looked so bad.

Ryancordell.com - 'nuff said

Golden Girls - Why one would have a tribute page to this show?

Another G.G. site - They just keep on coming....

Yawni - midi files and the latest news.

Pop-Up Hell - The name says it all. You've been warned.

Footprints in the Sand - Tell those that follow that Jesus loves them.

Drum Buddy - Believe it or not, I saw an informercial for this on late night German television. Only $999.

Auction Wonders - For those who wonder about online auctions and who buys there.

Carman - Not only are his concerts free, so are his singing postcards. Send one to a friend today.

Appetite Loss - You will not want to eat after viewing this site. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH.

Asteroid Insurance - You want to provide for your loved ones if a large piece of space falls on your head, don't you?

Bible and UFOs - Some say they don't mix. I just think some people are a little off base.

Stop the Aliens - Protect yourself, before it is too late.

It is not a hoax - Bill Gates is actually sending money to people who forward emails.

  12 CDs for the Price of 1! - Not bad, but dangerous for a guy like me.



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